CityCampMN 2013, HackforMN 2 Live

CityCampMN Live

Three words “wordle” from everyone’s introductions:

CityCampMN Wordle


Pictures from day two hackathon followed by day one unconference in slideshow below. More pictures on Facebook.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Updates to Attendees – Registration Opens at 8 a.m. Sat Nov 9 and more

Below are two updates sent via Eventbrite to registrants …

We are excited that you can join us tomorrow at CityCampMN.

A few last minute reminders:

  • 1. Registration Opens at 8 am – Coffee and more
  • 2. Directions and Parking – Downtown MINNEAPOLIS campus for St. Thomas
  • 3. Three Words – Rapid Introductions
  • 4. Agenda and Sessions
  • 5. Who’s Who – See the list far below.


1. Registration Opens at 8 am – Coffee and more

We will start at 9 am sharp. No coffee or food in the auditorium, so arrive in time to check-in, and enjoy coffee and some continential breakfast items in the Atrium.

You can put your session ideas on “the wall” as well.

Say, why not Tweet or share on Facebook that you’ll be at with the hashtag #ccmn13 – See Tweets so far.

2. Directions and Parking – Downtown MINNEAPOLIS campus for St. Thomas

We were told by the city that weekend parking at the municipal 11th and Harmon parking ramp (which is kiddie corner from Schulze Hall and connected by skyway through one other building) should max out at $5. The data was missing online, but that is what they said on the telephone. 😉

Here is the 1000 Lasalle Ave location on Google Maps. Enter building off 11th Street for the most convenient event access.

St. Thomas has a handy map with simple driving directions into downtown in PDF format.

St. Thomas Minneapolis Parking-Driving Map

3. Three Words – Rapid Introductions

An “unconference” is all about who is in the room. Even though we will have well over 125 people with us throughout the day, we will launch with an inspiring quick round of introductions.

Name, City/Org, Three Words

No reason to say “My name is” or “My three words are …” – the three words are about you, your passions, and/or why you are participating in CityCampMN. We’ll “wordle” the words.

4. Agenda and Sessions 

digital version of the agenda is available.

As online and in-person submission of session ideas will be merged in real-time during the conference to create at least 21 different break-out sessions, that will be passed out by 11 a.m. You can still add ideas online and vote up ideas that really resonate. Add the session ideas that are missing.

If you like note taking, be ready to use Google Docs. Hundreds of people will scan our session notes. Each session will also have one “one minute summarizer” who will report back to the whole group. The resulting 21 minute video will be shared far and wide.

Also, on the third floor we have a number of six person small conference rooms for spontaneous use from 11 a.m. on.

5. Who’s Who – Check out the 150+ registrants

Wow, did you see the public list of who registered for CityCampMN. Scan it below now to see who you might like to meet.

Remember that at an unconference you are encouraged connect in whatever way generates most the value. If two of you connect for your own mini-side session, that is what was supposed to happen.

After the conference we will have two opt-out rounds via email before starting a post-event conversation on the Open Twin Cities online group. CityCampMN will break the ice and from there we will connect online and at future events.

Your CityCampMN fellow travellers:


  • Tong Jiang, Finance Manager, Valspar


  • Matt Carlson, Learning Dreams


  • William Smits, Lockheed Martin


  • Jerad Maplethorpe, Lead Developer, DigitalParc, Minnetonka
    Twitter Handle: maplethorpej
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: DigitalParc


  • Jewelean Jackson, –


  • Amal Gazey, Appetite for Change


  • Zoe Hollomon, Project Manager, Appetite for Change


  • Caitlin Rogers, Simplicity Metrics
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @simplicitymtrcs


  • Mary Kenefick, Sr. Project Manager, Star Tribune



  • Jonathan Ahn, 507 Web House
    Twitter Handle: @jonathan_ahn


  • Steven Clift, Executive Director,, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: @democracy
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @edemo


  • Mindy Mattsen, Startup


  • Jonathan Vang, Northside DATA



  • Bill Sylvester, Videographer, Freelance, Saint Paul
    Twitter Handle: Bill_Sylvester
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: None



  • Jacob Piekarski, Freelance Journalist
    Twitter Handle: J_Piekarski


  • Bobbilee Hartman, Software Developer, Software For Good, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: @bobbilee19
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @softwareforgood



  • Adam Moen, Founder, Real Empowerment Solutions, Mahtomedi
    Twitter Handle: @adamsmoen


  • Keegan Fraley, KAYSC – Science Museum of Minnesota


  • Jordan Thompson, Youth Media Assistant Coordinator, CTV North Suburbs / Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) AmeriCorps


  • Marty McFly, Time Traveller, Mr. Fusion Industries


  • Christian Torkelson, IT Specialist, Minnesota House of Representatives


  • Andrew Dahl, Economic Policy Analyst, State of Minnesota


  • Marilyn Duran, .


  • Nhia Vang, Public Allies


  • Steve Tripp, OpenSky Corp


  • Jordan Gilliard, teen tech crew member, science museum of mn


  • Ken Thao, teen tech crew member, science museum of mn


  • Naly Yang, teen tech crew member, Science Museum of MN


  • Michaela Hudson, teen tech crew member, science museum of mn


  • Hamdi Salat, science museum of mn


  • Alleluia Musabyimana, Science Museum of MN


  • Oanh Vu, Teen Tech Crew Manager, Science Museum of MN



  • Victoria Karpeh, Legacy Family Center


  • Katie Caskey, MnDOT



  • Dan Sagisser, University of Minnesota


  • Jason Gilbert, MPLS, Minneapolis


  • Blake Johnson, ISD 284


  • Hannah Heinicke, Rondo Library


  • Matt Johnson, Founding Board Member, Code Savvy
    Twitter Handle: @matthewmj
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @Code_Savvy


  • Elizabeth O’Day, Nanny, Nanny, St Paul



  • Nancy Ford, Photographer/camera operator, Midden Media, Saint Paul
    Twitter Handle: Middenmedia


  • Lisa Middag, Hennepin County, Communications and Community Engagement Specialist, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: @lmiddag


  • Banji Lawal, Occupy


  • Kurt McIntire, Co-Founder, iOS Developer, Vektor Digital, LLC, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: @kurtmcintire
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @vektordigital


  • Michael Douglas, FSU/PAC, saint paul


  • Jennifer Cummings, Design Facilitator, People Serving People, Minneapolis


  • Dustin Huibregtse, Deloitte Consulting Tech Analyst, TEDxHennepinAve, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: @DustinRH
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @tedxhennepinave


  • Lisa Larges, Outreach Coordinator, State Services for the Blind, St. Paul


  • Catherine Fleming, E.D.E.N. (eat delicious eat nutritious)




  • Kakuyu Dewberry, Counselor, Optimize Mindfulness, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: kakuyu55



  • Irene Xin,


  • Ami Wazlawik, Hollaback! Twin Cities



  • Rick Beddoe, N/A


  • Annette Morris, spps employee, none


  • Ayanna Benitez, Founding Partner, Quinto


  • Alexander Fink, Lecturer and Research Assistant, University of Minnesota, St. Paul
    Twitter Handle: @AlexFink



  • David Erickson, eStrategy, St. Paul
    Twitter Handle: @derickson
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @e_Strategy


  • Cory Preus, Crux, LLC



  • Emily Resseger, Metropolitan Council, St Paul


  • Charles Lo, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis


  • Sean Kelly, Web Developer / Business Analyst, MN.IT Services @ MN State Arts Board, Saint Paul



  • Bill Bushey, Open Twin Cities &, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: wbushey
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: opentwincities


  • Dan Atkins, Co-founder, MinneAnalytics
    Twitter Handle: Danalytics
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: MinneAnalytics



  • M A al-Kabir, Cranston Software


  • Gloria Castillo, Outreach Coordinator , E-Democracy


  • Tony Damiano, Research Assistant, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA)


  • Scott Hargarten, Pirate Party



  • Jack Ray, City of Saint Paul


  • Wahida Omar, Community Media Facilitator, Public Ally, Waite House (Pillsbury United Communities), Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: @wahidao
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @pucmn, @publicallies


  • Peggy Clark, MPC Consulting




  • David Mathias, U.S. Bank


  • Dann Dobson, Daniel Dobson and Associates, Lino Lakes


  • Kathy Ahlers, Northeast Time Trade, Minneapolis


  • Spencer Cronk, State of Minnesota


  • John Ricker, pyMNtos


  • Kathy Dekrey, NRRC


  • Adja Gildersleve, CTEP- City of Minneapolis IT


  • Michael Peterson, Research Analyst, MN State Demographic Center
    Twitter Handle: @mpboisvert
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @MN_StateData


  • Rob Davis, bswing


  • Steve Dietz, Artistic Director, Northern
  • Griff Wigley, Principal, Wigley and Associates, Northfield
    Twitter Handle: @EngageCitizens

  • Jim Cummins, Myself :), Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: jimforcy

  • Clyde Cutting, Systems Architect, Wells Fargo

  • Kimber Nelson, Application Architect, US Bank
    Twitter Handle: lunaTicks

  • Lee Schloesser, Tarsier

  • Heidi Smith, Minnesota Rising
    Twitter Handle: @msheidismith

  • Jeff Seltz, Feleez, LLC

  • Joe Walz, Director, Dreamland LLC, St. Paul

  • Curt Prins, CPM

  • Richard Spratt, Supervisor, Hennepin County, Minneapolis

  • Kayci Rush, Social Worker, WMEP, Minneapolis

  • Dave Hendricks, Turbinary Inc.

  • David Simmer, Creative Lead, Simmer
    Twitter Handle: simmerdesigns
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: simmerxd

  • Brian Anderson, Systems Engineer, Dorsey & Whitney, LLP, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: mplsbrian

  • Morgan Bird, Thomson Reuters

  • Toby Cryns, The Mighty Mo! Design Co, LLC, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: tobycryns
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: themightymo

  • David Raveling, Tech, Minnesota Pirate Party

  • Andrew Dahl, Economic Policy Analyst, State of Minnesota

  • Josh Capistrant, Ideasman/Architectural designer, Crows Nest Design, Saint Paul

  • Trent Kays, Internet Researcher & PhD Student, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: @trentmkays

  • David Olsen, Info Tech Professional, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: pigouvian

  • Cirien Saadeh, Communications & Outreach Assistant, E-Democracy
    Twitter Handle: cmiriam
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: edemo

  • Ross Joy, Lead Organizer, Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: rossjoy
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: CorcoranMpls

  • Kevin Terrell, Partner, Katana Consulting

  • Eric Pone, Service Representative, Allianz, minneapolis

  • David Radcliffe, Unemployed, Falcon Heights
    Twitter Handle: @daveinstpaul

  • Pastor Devin Miller, forum engagement leader, E-Democracy, Brooklyn Park

  • Frank Schilder, Thomson Reuters, Saint Paul

  • Elisa Poquette, UX Design Apprentice, Nerdery

  • Steven Clift, Executive Director, E-Democracy, Minneapolis
    Twitter Handle: @democracy
    Org/Company Twitter Handle: @edemo

  • Carrie Davis, Development Coordinator, E-Democracy, Oak Grove

  • Michael Graif, Sr IT Business Analyst, Hennepin County
    Twitter Handle: michaelgraif

  • Abdullah Kiatamba, Executive Director, African Immigrant Services, Brooklyn Park
    Twitter Handle:

And previously: CityCampMN 2013 - Engaging Civic InnovationsFive important updates below for CityCampMN participants:

  1. Submit Session Ideas Now Online
  2. Fire up the crowd – Nominate a 5 minute “Ignite” speaker
  3. Dietary Requirements
  4. Volunteer at CityCampMN
  5. Invite Friends to the Reception

With over 130 registrations, CityCampMN 2013 is on its way to being a great event.Why?Because you bring energy and insights that spark rich and engaging conversation.Everyone comes with questions and a willingness to share what they know. Together we make the day and have a lot of fun along the way.So …. 1. Submit Session Ideas Now OnlineWe will have at least 21 break-out discussion sessions all determined by you. That’s seven rooms times three 45 minute time blocks.Submit your session topic ideas now.Every idea welcome.Unlike traditional conferences packed with too many speakers, too many slides, too little time, and not enough coffee breaks, our “unconference” format is the opposite. The coffee break practically becomes the session itself with people introducing themselves and saying what interested them about the topic and what big question they have or a tip they can share.Online submissions will be bolstered by an on site topic selection process driven by you the participants with a little magic thrown in. Learn more about session formats and check out sessions from other CityCamps around the world.If you don’t envision proposing a session – go here and vote up the session ideas you like most and come back as more are added.If this whole “unconference” thing is new to you, don’t worry about it. We will explain it all or check out these tips and video from our friends at TransparencyCamp now. The “rule of two feet” is very unMinnesotan, so you need to get over it! 2. Fire Up the Crowd – Nominate a 5 minute “Ignite” speakerOne of the most popular parts of the first CityCampMN were the five minute/five slide rapid fire “Ignite-style” speeches in front of the whole crowd. We will rinse and repeat!Speeches need to connect to the “engaging civic innovations” theme – but, hey that’s plenty broad. It can even be a micro demo of a new civic app with a few screen shots.If you would like more information on being an Ignite speaker or would like to nominate someone you know is coming to CityCampMN to help fire us up, contact us. In the subject, write “Ignite.” Slots are limited, but please give us your pitch. 3. Dietary RequirementsFor everyone who registered before last Thursday (Oct 24), if you have any dietary requirements for the box lunch you must tell us now. Put “Dietary Requirements” in subject and explain what they are so we can put in a special order. 4. Volunteer at CityCampMNIf you grabbed one of the free “lottery” chances for a seat and want a free guaranteed ticket now, please volunteer to help at CityCampMN. Anyone can volunteer to help. We need help with session note taking, taking pictures, doing short video interviews, helping with registration, etc.Contact us to volunteer with “CityCampMN Volunteer” in the subject and we will send details.FYI – For those big risk takers who took a chance with the lottery, if we add another 70 registrations we will be over capacity and start drawing straws. We honestly doubt that will happen, but if you want to donate toward the day, we’ll put your support toward good use with future Open Twin Cities, Hack for MN, and CityCampMN events (all under the E-Democracy fiscal home) and turn your ticket into a guaranteed seat. 5. Invite Friends to the ReceptionWe are going to celebrate some exciting White House recognition for E-Democracy and highlight some civic tech happenings from 4 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Schulze Hall Atrium after the unconference. Some of you will leave us and we will be sad. But others will join us and we will be glad.Thanks to the law firm of Lockridge Grindal Nauen for sponsoring the reception we will have free appetizers and one free drink ticket for everyone (then a cash bar). So, if you want to invite a friend, have them register here.Watch for a special survey on the reception for conference attendees. As this will cost us about $15 a head, we want to avoid ordering too much food! Thank you Lockridge Grindal Nauen for sponsoring and St. Thomas for providing the location.Oh, Brits Pub is just two blocks away. We expect a crowd to head over after 6 p.m.. But those participating in the Sunday Hackathon must agree to get some good rest. 🙂

Submit Session Ideas 2013

Submit Ideas

Submit your session ideas now online.

We have three 45 minute time slots to fill with at least seven rooms available. That’s 21 different session topics!

While you will have a second chance at the conference to submit ideas in-person, use IdeaScale now to submit your session ideas.

Not sure? Give a thumbs up “I agree” vote on the ones interest you the most, so we assign rooms appropriately. Some sessions will attract 5 people and others 25 – whatever size it is, is the right size. There are also a number of 6 person conference rooms available for spontaneous connecting.

Here are some possible session topic ideas (remember someone has to actually submit the session idea for it to take place!):

  • open government

  • civic technology apps

  • open data,  visualization and analytics

  • tech for social justice and equity

  • neighbors online

  • digital youth empowerment

  • online engagement

  • digital journalism

  • civic hacking and maker projects

  • digital inclusion

  • social media for good

  •  your new idea here!

To get a sense of kinds of topics are possible, see our session grid from 2011 and recent session lists from CityCamps in OaklandColorado, and Raleigh.

Session Types

Unconferences are conversational. We recommend a format where with most sessions everyone is invited to introduce themselves and say what about the session topic interests them and what is their burning question or lesson to share going into the conversation.

Consider using one (or more) of these session types or formats to help get the most out of CityCampMN:

  • Birds of a Feather – Convene a group around a shared interest, work domain, or topic. Aim to identify how this group can benefit from each other, such as through staying more connected, sharing best practices, etc.
  • Workshop – Teach/learn a skill. Focus the session around a particular activity that can be accomplished in the available time.
  • Round-table – Specify a topic and hold a round-table discussion that investigates this topic from the varied perspectives in the room.
  • Demonstration – Share a topical project, story, result, tool, or strategy. Or, share multiple if there is time.
  • 5 Minutes of Fame – Cut the session up into 5-minute (or similar) presentations by the attendees. This can be a generic session, or narrowed to a particular topic.
  • Clinic – Domain experts and practitioners provide intensive assistance to folks who are new to particular areas.
  • Q&A – Bring a panel of a few folks together to answer questions on a topic of interest.
  • Invent-your-own: ?

(Hat tip to OpenOakland for the session types list.)


CityCampMN 2013 – Sat. Nov. 9 – St. Thomas, Minneapolis Campus – Register Now

CityCampMN 2013

Engaging Civic Innovations

CityCampMN Live

Over 170 registrations as of Nov. 9! Session ideas submitted online now.

Registration Closed

CityCampMN is our region’s unconference* for passion-fueled, technology-enhanced civic ideas and solutions.

Join us to connect active citizens, community leaders, technologists, and government officials for a day of learning, discussing, and imagining how to use technology to strengthen communities and create more open government.

Bring your ideas, energy, voice, diverse perspectives, and skills. Everyone is welcome.

  • When:  9 AM – 4 PM, Sat., Nov. 9th, 2013, Reception 4-6 PM
    See below for optional day two civic hackathon at DevJam.
  • Where:  University of St. Thomas – Minneapolis Campus, Schulze Hall
  • RSVP: Register Here – We expect ~150 participants
  • Ticket Options:  $10 Guaranteed Spot, Open Donation, or Free (Lottery, as space is limited) – All include free lunch and appetizers and at least one drink at the reception.


Participants provide the unconference session topics. Propose a topic online now or at the event. Those who show up, drive each topic. For those new to CityCamp, topics may include:


  • open government

  • civic technology apps

  • open data,  visualization and analytics

  • tech for social justice and equity

  • neighbors online

  • digital youth empowerment

  • online engagement

  • digital journalism

  • civic hacking and maker projects

  • digital inclusion

  • social media for good

  •  your new idea here!

*What’s an Unconference??

An unconference is the dynamic, informal exchange of information and ideas among participants.

This is CityCampMN’s second installment of the wildly popular CityCamp “unconference” series taking off in places like London, San Francisco, and Buenos Aires.

In short, the coffee break becomes the conference – with some structure, of course:

  1. Everyone rapidly introduces themselves with just three words about their interests/why they came
  2. Participants pitch session topics (building on online proposals)
  3. Popular “Ignite-style,” six-minute presentations will be back and expanded
  4. Behind the scenes, ideas are sorted into break-out sessions, each session will have a discussion chair
  5. Discussion sessions galore – In 2011, we had over 125 participants with nearly 30 ~45 min breakout sessions throughout the day
  6. New – One minute breakout summaries shared with all, recorded for the world
  7. New – End day with “Ideation” launch for the optional, day two hackathon (see below)
  8. New – Reception/Celebration

You are the engine for change and innovation!   Register now.

 CityCampMN Hackathon – A Hack for MN Mini-Camp/Workday – Sunday

Hack for MNThe following day, Sunday Nov. 10th, Open Twin Cities will hold a civic hackathon at DevJam Studios in S. Minneapolis to “code” upon the issues and ideas discussed at CityCampMN.

To RSVP for the hackathon, simply answer ‘Yes’ when asked when you register for CityCampMN.

Like all civic hackathons, this event is open to everybody who has passion for their community and an idea and/or desire to make it stronger. You need not be a software developer, designer, etc. to participate and share hands-on value.

The “ideation” phase for Sunday’s hackathon will start at CityCampMN.

 Thank You Sponsors 

CityCampMN is organized by E-Democracy and Open Twin Cities. Open Twin Cities is a Code for America Brigade partnered with E-Democracy.

Contact E-Democracy (fiscal agent) for sponsorship details.  Sponsor CityCampMN, Open Twin Cities, and Hack for MN in one simple package for the next year.

Gold Sponsors

Knight Foundation 

University of St. Thomas



Lockridge Grindal Nauen Attorneys at Law


Code for America

Silver Sponsors

Ben Damman

More sponsors to come! Contact E-Democracy for information.

See our full Sponsors page for all our sponsors and list of individual boosters.

A special thanks goes to the University of St. Thomas for venue sponsorship and Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP for sponsoring our combined CityCampMN/White House Champions of Change reception and celebration.

Schulze Hall

CityCampMN is hosted by E-Democracy and Open Twin Cities 

       Logo        Open Twin Cities

After You Register

  • Share your ideas for small group break-out sessions here or rate the ideas (soon) submitted by others.

  • Join the global ongoing online  CityCamp Exchange  to connect with others

Coders! Join in with, plotting next CityCampMN in 2013

We are excited to promote the effort.

OpenTwinCities is a place for software developers interested in developing and creating local instances of civic technology apps in the Twin Cities to roll up their sleeves and make things happen.

On a related note, is exploring opportunities to raise the support required for the next CityCamp in Minnesota in 2013. This dynamic event combines geeks, wonks, and citizens interested in open government, open communities, and civic tech in an exciting “unconference” format.

Join the planning committee online group to get involved.


CityCampMN January 11th “Unsad” Happy Hour – Theme “Nonprofits,” What’s Next Brainstorming Option

CityCamp Minnesota 2012

CityCamp is an international unconference series and online community focused on innovation for municipal governments and community organizations.

On November 12 we held the 1st CityCamp in Minnesota

On Wednesday, January 11th, the networking continues at The Republic in Seven Corners – the same location as our post- CityCampMN happy hour.



The theme for the first of our 2012 Quarterly Meetups is “Nonprofits.”  MN is a hotbed of great nonprofits and we welcome these groups, their supporters, and the whole CityCamp community for a great time! 

4 p.m. CityCamp 2012 Brainstorm – Optional

Join volunteer Bud Fisher with Advocate Interactive to shape what’s next for CityCamp in 2012!  Topics include upcoming themes, speakers, code-a-thons, and whatever else is important to the group!

5 p.m. Networking Unsad Hour

After the brainstorm we’ll open up for networking and conversation. Expect to meet great people from government, startups, nonprofits, citizen groups and more! (The Republic’s awesome Happy Hour specials run until 6 p.m.)

6 p.m. Fire Drill Presentations

If we get 50 registrants – although let’s try for 75 – we’ll take votes for three attendee-chosen topics prior to networking.  Our three notable speakers will whip up some great content during networking, then give short presentations on the topics…this should be exciting!

Let’s make this a great start to the year – let’s all invite five of our contacts to join the collaboration for a lively event!

After You Register

Enter and vote MN open government apps, leaders for the 2011 GovFresh Awards

2011 GovFresh Awards

Every day, tech-minded citizens across the country are doing good by their communities, literally geeking out about how they can help re-define the relationship government has with its citizens, using technology as a democratic tool to collaboratively empower both.

So much is happening in the civic technology community – website redesigns, new websites, open data initiatives, apps, camps, developer contests, hackathons and more – it’s hard to get a perspective on or truly appreciate the collective work of these dot-dogooders both inside and outside government.

That’s why we created the 2011 GovFresh Awards.

It’s time to recognize and honor all that’s been accomplished this year.

It’s time to say thank you.

Here are the categories. Start entering and start voting.

CityCampMN 2011 – Quick Review

CityCampMN Word Cloud

We will have a more detailed review of CityCampMN soon.

For now, here are some news articles, blog posts and other items.

A key outcome is that that Bud Fisher volunteered to call a “what’s next” meeting in January 2012 with the dozen or more volunteers who raised their hands to explore what’s next. To join Bud and others, join the CityCampMN online working group.


Also, everyone should join the global CityCamp Exchange for useful exchange across the 2.0 and local government, community, etc. space.


CityCampMN Real-Time

Before you come, preview the participant introductions or scan the public version of the attendee list (scroll down) to start the networking.

Tweet that you are on your way or will be attending with the hashtag #CityCampMN.

Dress casual.

Then get parked and then get inside the Humphrey Center on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota.

Coffee will be out at 8:00 a.m. when registration opens. We will start at 9:00 a.m. sharp.

Humphrey School Social Media course students will have a blue sticker on their name tags if you have any questions during the day.

Fill out session idea cards (with something you’d like to share OR learn – video example) in the Atrium. Those who want to “lead” a session may also briefly promote their idea during the morning on stage. (Similar ideas are then combined and crafted into the full session grid off stage.)



Introductions – CityCamp is All About Who’s There

We were hoping for 50, thought 100 would be awesome and now you’ve made it 150 registrants for the first CityCamp Minnesota on November 12.

An “unconference” is like taking the spirited coffee break and making it the entire conference. So, let’s get the ball rolling now online.

Imagine this, you’ve arrived at the conference and are mingling about and just joined a group of friendly folks. Everyone is looking at you …

1. Who are you? Be conversational.

2. Why are you coming to or interested in CityCamp Minnesota?

3. Share any contact details and links you wish.

Time to be unMinnesotan and toot your horn a little bit. How the heck are you going to connect with those you are meant to meet on November 12 if you don’t say hello? 🙂

Answer by first clicking “X Comments …” or use the comment box if you see it below. Select the option to receive introductions via e-mail if you want to watch them as more are posted.

P.S. We will keep bugging you to introduce yourself until at least half of those on the Eventbrite attendee list (scroll down) say hello.